Newtown Fitness Instructor Operating From Sydney Park

If you are looking to get into shape, lose weight or improve your overall physical and mental well being, but hate the though of gyms or running for miles your search for a fun alternative is over.  Sean Sweeney is one of Sydney’s most highly respected fitness instructors, operating in Sydney’s Inner West.  What makes Sean different, is that he specialises in beginners.  If you have never exercised before, or perhaps not exercised in a very long time, then Sean’s Newtown fitness programs at Sydney Park may just be the place for you to start.  His boot camp style sessions are designed to ease you into exercise without making you feel stressed, uncomfortable or overwhelmed.  Everyone in your class will be in exactly the same boat.  Call Sean on 0411 452 453 or email him on and make exercise a top priority in your life now.

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